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Collector discovers 1861-O half dollar in roll - Coin World 1861 O Seated Liberty Half Dollars CSA - Cracked Obverse: Value .

The contract for the erection of the mint was signed in August 1835 and construction began the following month.

They had little hope of procuring new bullion supplies and less of setting up their own die making shop.

Completing a set in About Uncirculated condition should only cost in the $4,500.00 range at current market levels, but since only about 50 sets like this can be assembled in AU, it may take 2 or 3 years to complete.

HNAI Long Beach Main #430

During this second period of operation, the Mint also struck dimes, quarters, half dollars, $5 half eagles, $10 eagles and, in 1879 only, 2,325 double eagles.

With grading services, however, we now have help not in obtaining the records from 1861 but at least in determining what coins exist in what numbers, perhaps helping us to at least make some sense of what went on almost 150 years ago in the fog of war and the confusion of a most confusing time.

New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 568-­6968, (800) 568­-6968 Click here to see coins available for sale now from the New Orleans Mint Do you have questions about coins from the New Orleans Mint?

1861-O 50C CSA Obverse Liberty Seated Half Dollar Good G R324

WB-12, an 1861-O WB-102 early die state before the die crack, an 1861-O WB-103 in PCGS XF-40, a wonderful original 1861-S in PCGS AU-58, an 1875-S Micro s in PCGS VF-35, an 1882 in PCGS F-15, and an 1887 in PCGS G-6.

His experience with large public buildings, which began with the Second Bank of the United States in 1818 and included the second Philadelphia mint in 1829, made him a logical choice to design the three branch mints.

The city experienced dizzying growth in the first half of the nineteenth century, from a free population of about 17,000 in 1810 to 46,000 in 1830 to 102,000 in 1840. 1972 a crack commando unit

More In 1838, half dollar dies were sent to a branch mint for the first time, when 20 were struck at the New Orleans Mint. This 1838-O . Thus “regular” 1861-O halves with this crack probably were used by the .,(*6283) Flashy 1855-O Arrows Half Dollar MS64 2721 1855-O Arrows MS64 NGC. A boldly struck New Orleans type .,strikings with the new reverse was one that had a tiny crack extending from the bridge of Miss . This die had been used under Confederate authority to produce 1861O half dollars with a regular UNITED STATES OF AMERICA reverse.

More Coins International: U.S. Half Dollars. . Die crack at States13 arrows type, Overton -104 (R 34) Very Scarce, old cabinet toning, . O-104a, the reverse with major die cracks, and in our die state the arrow shifts have .. 1861-O, Type II Rev .,. This coin shares an obverse with the four known Confederate Half Dollars. All examples have a diagnostic die crack .,1861 O Seated Liberty Half Dollar CSA - Cracked Obverse coin value and prices based on conditiongrade. . Even more interesting is the fact that this is the same exact die that the Confederate States .

More [] Single Detail Page Misc: 1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar. Single Detail Page Misc: 1861 O $20 Liberty .,Historic SP64 1861-0 Seated Half Dollar Ex: James A. Stack 2313 1861-0 SP64 NGC. . As all these 1861-O coins were struck from U.S. dies, it is impossible to . half dollars reused a Union obverse die, identifiable by a die crack from rim to .,The New Orleans Mint operated in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a ... Research suggests that 1861-O half dollars bearing a bisected date die crack ("WB-103") and 1861-O half-dollars with a "speared .

1861 O Seated Liberty Half Dollar Value CoinTrackers

Odyssey is proud to showcase a rare collection of coins recovered from the SS Republic , including examples of all 1861-O die marriages, on display at the New Orleans Mint (known today as the Old U.S Mint), currently operated by the Louisiana State Museum, New Orleans.

Wiley published an article in the November 2005 issue of The Gobrecht Journal , the official publication of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club, that documented the emission sequence and likely coining authority.

When such a change occurred, and it happened once during the years the New Orleans Mint actually minted coins:  in 1853.  Thus, most 1853­O silver coins and all 1854­O silver coins had either arrows, or arrows and rays.  A complete set of every New Orleans coin with arrows or arrows and rays is an excellent way to highlight the design change prompted by the change in the weight and silver content of the coins.

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