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Close PLATFORMS Android iOS Windows Mac POPULAR LINKS Latest News Security and Antivirus Center New Releases User Favorites Editor s Picks Top Freeware CATEGORIES Browsers Business Communications Digital Photos Entertainment Games Internet MP3 & Audio Productivity Screenshots & Wallpaper Security Utilities Video HELP & SETTINGS Link to CNET Site Submit Feedback Terms of Use Privacy Policy © 2016 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved From Tenorshare: Excel Password Recovery is an easy-to-use tool designed for recovering the lost Microsoft Excel password quickly. Passwords to modify are recovered in just seconds!

For passwords to open, with this Excel 2013 Password Recovery offers three different searching methods: advanced dictionary attack, brute-force attack, and advanced brute-force with mask attack. Excel versions from 97 to 2013 are all supported! Speed Excel password crack with multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration for pro version. 5 stars Best tool of Excel 2013 password recovery May 31, 2015 | By Racneur 2015-05-31 20:15:58 | By Racneur | Version: Excel Password Recovery 7.0 Pros Lost my excel 2013 password, how can I recover it? I have tried some methods and tools, but none of it works for me. Lucky to get the tool-Excel Password Recovery to recover my excel password in easiest way.

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(0) (0) 5 stars xlsx password crack March 25, 2015 | By mqqggsvh 2015-03-25 23:37:46 | By mqqggsvh | Version: Excel Password Recovery 7.0 Pros Need to dectypt a xlsx file password and hope i can be the person who crack it, not with the help of other people. I download and install it to my computer and to crack it with the decrypt attack. Oh I did it by myself.

It should be so easy to do that. Cons Cons about nothing. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? (0) (0) 5 stars excel password online decryption March 18, 2015 | By mfddsdnt 2015-03-18 21:16:40 | By mfddsdnt | Version: Excel Password Recovery 7.0 Pros this is a good way to dectypt my excel online. i download and install this excel password recovery to my windows computer and it is an excel 2013 file that i can\t open it because i lost the password. i know it is my fault so i want to find the password back.

this software is professional to unlock my excel file. Cons no need to say the cons because it recovers my excel 2013 file password. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? (0) (0) 5 stars remove password protection xlsx 2010 March 12, 2015 | By bndmsxss 2015-03-12 20:09:37 | By bndmsxss | Version: Excel Password Recovery 7.0 Pros How can I remove password protection xlsx 2010? I download and install this Excel password recovery tool to my computer and it runs well.

I try the brute-force with mask attack to recover because I know some clues about my password. Now I recover the password successfully and remove it forever. Cons Nothing about the cons.

Reply to this review Was this review helpful? (0) (0) 5 stars Excel xlsx password remover March 04, 2015 | By ixbkowrw 2015-03-04 19:10:19 | By ixbkowrw | Version: Excel Password Recovery 7.0 Pros So sad to share my story here. >_ verifier) scenario is insecure. All you’re required to present to the verifier is a single, weak credential.

Using PASS (from memory) and WORD (from a USB stick) is called key-splitting. Whilst it’s true that YOU need both something you know and something you have (suggesting 2FA), the application (KeePass for example) concatenates those two values into one and presents them to the verifier as one string, PASSWORD. The verifier has absolutely no way to know if those values were entered by an attacker as PASSWORD, or by you as PASS (from memory) and WORD (from a usb stick).

It cannot assert that the bearer (the one handing the information over) “has” anything, thus it’s not multi-factor. However, it does provide a slight security benefit, as keyloggers would only capture the memorized portion of your key; requiring an entirely different attack to capture the data stored in the key file. Use it by all means, but be mindful that PA SS W ORD (4 keyfiles) is insecure, regardless of how it’s presented to the verifier. Most 2FA/Multi-Factor devices fall into 2 categories… OTP generators and cryptographic devices.

As the name suggests, an OTP generator provides a cryptographically-random one-time-password derived from a shared (between you and verifier) crypto seed. The seed itself is never presented to the verifier (thus can’t be captured over HTTP/HTTPS etc), but it’s used as the basis of generating the OTP. When the verifier receives the OTP, they create their own OTP derived from the shared seed. If they match, the verifier asserts that you, the bearer, must “have” the device which contains the seed. That, combined with your password constitutes multi-factor authentication. It’s worth keeping in mind, it’s not an absolute assurance.

A 4 digit OTP has just 10,000 combinations, though most use 6 digits (1 million combinations). Using 6 digits, the attacker has (for the sake of argument) a 1 in a million chance of getting the right OTP. It’s that probability factor (English definition ) which allows the verifier to assert that the bearer almost certainly “has” the device. A cryptographic device works in a similar fashion, but relies on asymmetric/shared-symmetric keys and variable inputs before splitting out a token authenticator (not to be confused with a password) which is subsequently handed to the verifier. Hopefully, that’s a bit clearer Thanks – I think so. I’m getting a picture in my head of how to illustrate this in a “normal” non-internet fashion as you’ve split out the verifier and the relying party.

And so now it strikes me this is similar to how PGP does or might work (and also alludes to it’s weakness as well in some lack of verification of parts of the issuing chain.) Thanks. KeePass should be higher ranked. I have been using it for years across multiple platforms including Android, Linux, Windows and Mac.

The way to sync is simply via Dropbox or ownCloud or any other sync service most of us already use. Hi Kimberly, Technically, none of the password managers you’ve outlined offer 2 Factor Authentication…although some claim to offer it. I’m curious though, what makes you think Roboform and 1Password offer it? Thanks. Hi Paul, thanks for the comment! Great catch with 1Password.

They do not offer multi factor authentication, but hope to do so in the future. According to this article ( Roboform does offer multi factor authentication. I’m curious why you say that none of the password managers offer 2 factor authentication? Do you see different requirements for this feature?

Thank you again for commenting and we have updated our article accordingly. Essentially, 2FA isn’t possible in the context of encryption. The only instances where “2FA” exists (LastPass etc) is to mitigate risks introduced by LastPass, not the encryption process. Even then, it’s not actually 2FA as there’s no authentication going on. I blogged this recently. A thought after reading this.

Seems like the author made a huge misstep as far as not mentioning the privacy of your data (i.e., where it’s stored and, by extension, who has access to it). For example, a huge benefit of 1Password that isn’t mentioned in your chart is that you can keep your data on your local machine so that the only person(s) who have access to it are you or anyone you give the master password to. That way, it’s never sitting on a cloud server of any kind. To contrast with your number 1 pick, it looks like LastPass syncs your private data up to a server. Personally, this is a huge no-no for me (don’t care that it’s encrypted). So I really love that I can use 1Password and my data stays on my local machine.

Oh, and I can sync that data to my iOS devices via WiFi (i.e., my secured home WiFi network), again avoiding using cloud services to sync my private data. I reckon this is a huge point for folks. This is a great point you make, but I think others may disagree with you. Some may not want to use their local drive because it could crash.

The cloud on the other hand is a good back up to have. There are pros and cons to both so the preference of where the passwords are stored will vary by user. I don’t yet have a password manager and none of the reviews indicate that any can cope with websites that say something like, “Enter the 2nd, 5th and 8th characters of your password” If your password has been generated for you, and you can’t see it, how do you enter the requested parts?

Great question Gary! Typically password managers have a “vault” where all of your data is stored. If you enter your master password you can then see what passwords you have stored. So say you had your password manager generate a password for your PayPal account and PayPal asked you to enter the 2nd, 5th and 8th characters of your password. You could login to your password manager with your master key and go to your PayPal data and see your password so you could then enter your three characters.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I am curious what websites do that? I have never seen a site ask for that.

In fact, I would be EXTREMELY suspicious of a site that asked for any characters of your password in a particular order because it could be phishing for your password. If a site is already asking for your full password, then there is absolutely no reason to ask for particular characters in a particular order. This is how most 2FA with forward thinking works, e.g. enter the first then 3rd number of your pin; now enter the 6th and 3rd characters of your password.

This is done so the full password cannot be captured and also so you don’t have to carry around a stupid token or rely on your phone for a soft token. Other companies go a step further with this logical approach (like Kiwibank in New Zealand implemented in about 2002 as they are much further ahead than US or UK banks) where you have to click a virtual keyboard to select the random characters so key loggers cannot have any success, nor screen scraping or man in browser attacks. Keepass does this out of the box: it shows a form, you click the buttons “2”, “5”, “8”, and it fills in just those characters. You don’t have to count characters to work out which ones to use, and you don’t have to display the password in plain text on the screen at any point in the process. I don’t know if other password managers do the same, just that keepass is quite good at this. Kimberly is completely right here.

Having passwords stored locally, contrary to popular belief, is NOT as safe as having it stored in the cloud. Even if someone was to hack the cloud they could not access your details without the salt which is your master password, not mentioning that a lot of these services offer local storage as an alternative. I think you also lack a little knowledge thinking that locally makes it secure because it’s not online, if you get malware, say goodbye to those passwords.

I think you’re conflating two aspects of safety – security and availability. Losing access to your data (such as all the places storing your data, be that the cloud or local storage devices, losing your data; losing one factor in two-factor auth, such as cell access to receive a SMS; or even just forgetting your master password) is availability, which seems to be the only one that you’re concerned about. However, the extra points of access (data no longer just flows through your device, but also through several networks and through another company’s servers) involved with a cloud storage system likely decreases security (not necessarily though, since a password manager that leaves the data in a plain text file on a phone that is frequently lost by its owner will be worse than a decent cloud based system – of course a bad cloud based system could let your passwords be harvested by someone that doesn’t even have physical access to your device). Hi Kimberly. I have to say that you have a few things wrong with regards to 1Password: No password strength report–There is a password strength indicator ( Doesn’t always bring up the correct password-It recognizes passwords based on the saved URLs associated with them. If you have the correct URL stored (e.g. rather than, it will always bring up the correct password. Asks to save a password that’s already been saved–see the URL issue on my previous point. Thank you for the information! I have changed the note about the password strength report in our article.

However, from our research the other two notes can vary by user. So because you don’t have problems with this doesn’t mean others aren’t. Thank you again for posting in our community! I’m sure our readers will appreciate it! Yes, it’s important to keep your information private and safe.

I feel much more comfortable now that I’m using a password manager to protect my privacy. As for Thailand I loved their food! I’m actually planning on making Pad Thai soon! Just need to get a couple more ingredients. Wow, what I liked most? That’s a tough question!

I think riding an elephant was definitely a fun experience. I also enjoyed the markets. It was fun to try new foods and look at all the vendor tables.

Kimberly, I’m a little, no, very surprised KeePass is so low on your list. Look at all those check marks! The only real cons that I could think of that would make you rank it where you did was the Multi-Factor and Auth and Secure Password Sharing.

That seemed to score high for you in your rankings. However, it does have Password Strength that only LastPass and Dashline have. It also works on all OS’s shown which only LastPass and RoboForm have. Now here’s the kicker: It’s completely free! That is huge for companies and, well, anyone, actually.

So in my opinion, it sure seems like it would be a solid 2 for businesses due to the cons I mentioned above, but for personal use, it seems it should be 1. What are your thoughts? Hi Scott, thanks for your well researched comment!

You make some valid points, however, we stand by our rankings. Users struggle to keep their devices synced up for KeePass, and yes it is great that it’s free but it doesn’t perform as well as other password managers. Price is not the main factor for these types of reviews.

We encourage our readers to test out KeePass before purchasing a password manager subscription and let us know how they like it. Perhaps KeePass can work its way to the top in the future. Again, thank you again for your comment and Happy Holidays! Hi Kimberly, not sure precisely what rubric you are using for grading but I’m with Scott.

I have been a Keepass user for several years now and love it. The greatest selling point for me is precisely what you call a con. I store the file locally on each machine/device that uses it and sync with Dropbox with absolutely zero issues in over 2 years. Within seconds of making a change on any computer the change is propagated to the other machines. I’m not sure what other users are having issues with, maybe they are using it differently than I am.

Anyway, it is great that I can use it for free on any platform, that it generates passwords based on complicated rules you can define, that it will.

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