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News Louisiana Flood 2016 Alton Sterling BR Officer Shooting Business Communities Ascension Baker East Feliciana Mid City Livingston/Tangipahoa Southeast Southside St. Francisville St. Helena West Feliciana Westside Zachary Courts Crime/Police Education Environment State Politics Elections Legislature Weather/Traffic Sports LSU High School Sports Saints Scott Rabalais Southern Pelicans UL-Lafayette Outdoors Entertainment/Life Arts Books Calendar Comics Crossword Danny Heitman Faith Festivals Food/Restaurants Games Health/Fitness Home/Garden Mardi Gras Movies/TV Music Pam Bordelon Smiley Anders Opinion Stephanie Grace Lanny Keller Walt Handelsman Mark Ballard Our Views Letters Ed Pratt Jeff Sadow Subscribe Obituaries Classifieds Jobs Homes Wheels Like many 21-year-olds, Kristen Hooper had a slim résumé when she was hired as a cadet at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

She d spent three months working at Dillard s, two years as a part-timer at Angola s Prison View golf course and four months in a nursing program. Read more Interactive: Simplifying complicated web of relationships in Louisiana s Department of Corrections Ex-Angola officials charged with theft of $140K in rodeo, other funds for employee recreation One Harvey volunteer fire official is convicted; another one is acquitted in theft case Feds charge Angola correctional officer in alleged beating cover-up Protests unlikely to sway Electoral College as Donald Trump gets strong start in early states Flood victims hoping to do own repairs find it’s not that easy: This system is exhausting Photos, video: You ve never seen a Christmas Eve bonfire quite like this Mark Ingram says I ve got to control my emotions better after sideline outburst Man wanted for El Salvador homicide arrested, detained by feds after traffic stop in Covington Eighteen suspected of DWI on Thursday through Sunday in East Baton Rouge Parish Not good news for Louisiana: New study finds warming climate will lead to more frequent, intense storms Special report: Corrections leader, weathering series of scandals, tasked with once-in-a-lifetime reform Argument again leads to shooting on Bourbon Street, renewing calls for gun control in area After floods, Donna Edwards opts for understated holiday decorations at Governor’s Mansion; see photos, video Everybody’s trying to find answers : Rocky separation for man who killed his ex-girlfriend, fatally shot himself LSU s secondary looks forward to matchup against Heisman winner Lamar Jackson: It’s why you play football Ask The Advocate: A history buff makes a request; La. 42 road work Police in St. Mary Parish find dead body along U.S. 90 Flooded Glen Oaks High returning to campus but to temporary classrooms How Saints worked their way around Patrick Peterson, Arizona defense in win vs. Cardinals Lobbyists spent nearly half a million dollars to woo Louisiana legislators in 2016 Saints played for pride, got nice win vs.

Arizona; now, is it enough to silence Sean Payton chatter? Medic who rushed to help Bourbon Street victim describes scene: It was a little crazy Louisiana s oil, gas industry expected to benefit under Trump administration, but higher oil prices are essential Rabalais: Leonard Fournette was right to end it; now where does he rank among LSU s all-time greats? Edward Pratt: In election filled with reasons to worry, Baton Rouge lends some hope N.O. surgeon accused of rape files second lawsuit against driver in fatal Lamborghini crash Georgetown s sale of slaves in Louisiana a microcosm of slavery in America, scholar says Best feeling in the world : Tre Davious White, a proud LSU graduate, leaves mark on and off the field Derrius Guice vs. Arkansas was SEC s highest rated offensive showing, report says Louisiana electors flooded with anti-Trump pleas, but don t expect an electoral surprise Not good news for Louisiana: New study finds warming climate will lead to more frequent, intense storms It s officially over : QB Lowell Narcisse recommits to LSU after Matt Canada hire, says he s on track for spring Mark Ingram says I ve got to control my emotions better after sideline outburst Flood victims hoping to do own repairs find it’s not that easy: This system is exhausting EBRSO: Man accused of fatally shooting ex-girlfriend found dead in apparent suicide Bilderbergers announce New World Order of the Illiminati and Single World Empire William C. Van Duyn’s Opening Remarks Bilderberg Mtg.

2014 Bilderbergers announce the New World Order of the Illuminati and a single world empire Appendix: Who are the Illuminati The Truth for sale: How to fight the evil and make some money on it too. The Truth for sale: How to fight the evil and make some money on it too. Plans to save the world from evil What are the the issues related to posting Benya s reports as soon as they come out?

Mr. bleeding heart defends Benya and his noble efforts What shall we do about publishing the information on Benya s reports About degeneracy, power complex and megalomania Safety and security aspects Revelations, Prophecies, wishful thinking or disinformation? Protocol 2 - Economic Wars Protocol 2.1: Our international rights will then wipe out national rights Protocol 2.2: Puppet government - pawns in our game Protocol 3 - Methods of Conquest Fair Use Notice: Note on delayed publication of full reports as soon as they come out Watch out for disinformation! Responsibilities of a reporter Information warfare: paid disinformation agents HAVE YOU GOTTEN ENOUGH OF THE PSYOPS? Is banking mafia negotiating the surrender or are they getting stronger?

The War On Cash Is Advancing On All Fronts First They Came For The Pennies. What surrender negotiations Benya keeps peddling all the time? The TPP, a 12-nation pact with countries in Asia and the Americas The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven. at first The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on us, not a problem / reaction / PROBLEM scam We ll clean up the corruption in the international financial system.

We will not have a one world currency. We will abolish legal tender laws. It is through channelings and reports from “white hat” intelligence sources that the Cabal is telegraphing the solution phase of the problem/reaction/solution scenario December 19, 2016: Old reality fading quickly as pole shift now fully underway December 12, 2016: Khazarian mafia still planning big false flag events but their defeat is certain December 5, 2016: The dominoes keep falling, Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy down, Xi, Putin, Abe and Merkel now targeted Cannibal feast November 28, 2016: Khazarians being flushed out of underground hideouts as US revolution continues US Continental dollars November 21, 2016: Hungary, the UK, the US, Bulgaria, Moldova free from Khazarian control, Austria, Italy, South Korea next November 14, 2016: Carpe diem seize the day and mount a final assault on the Khazarian mafia November 7, 2016: The cabal will be defeated no matter who wins the US presidential farce October 31, 2016: The message for the Khazarian mafia is trick or treat surrender or die October 24, 2016: Mass arrests and extrajudicial killings going on as part of cabal takedown October 17, 2016: Hillary Clinton goes into hiding as cabal takedown continues despite empty threats of nuclear war October 10, 2016: US elections to be cancelled and war crimes tribunals to be held Pentagon and CIA sources say October 3, 2016: Document dump shows Federal Reserve Board based on outright fraud September 26, 2016: Major world power struggles and changes due in October September 19, 2016: Hillary Clinton is dead, Bill on the run as Clinton Foundation scandals finish the DC crooks off September 12, 2016: It is not over until we see the 911/311 perpetrators perp walked in front of the world’s TV cameras September 6, 2016: Khazarian mafia bosses offer to return Tsarist gold to Russia in exchange for shelter August 29, 2016: Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazarian mafia August 22, 2016: The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status August 15, 2016: Economic and demographic data make it clear it is game over for the Khazarian mafia August 9, 2016: Khazarian mafia offer ASEAN, Japan and Korea to China August 1, 2016: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, France, Italy and Germany next on list of countries to be freed from Khazarian mafia July 26, 2016: Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I July 19, 2016: Chaos everywhere as current world order continues to collapse while new age begins July 11, 2016: Khazarian mafia power structure crumbling in very public fashion July 5, 2016: Khazarian mafia defeat certain as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and elsewhere June 27, 2016: The EU is bankrupt and that is why its governing structure will fundamentally change June 20, 2016: In a first US Supreme Commander General Joseph Dunford addresses the UN as head of Republic June 14, 2016: US and UN power hand-over or hostile take-over up for grabs June 6, 2016: Rothschild Khazarian mafia using delaying tactics but time is running out May 30, 2016: New York branch of Khazarian mafia now final obstacle to world peace May 23, 2016: The head of the Khazarian mafia is Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild May 16, 2016: Chinese say gold only through White Dragon, Japanese resistance say Obama to be hit with “Kamikaze” in Hiroshima May 9, 2016: Major movement on multiple fronts including US regime change and serious political turmoil in China May 2, 2016: Is it time for Pope Francis to confess to involvement in Argentine dirty war and resign April 26, 2016: Hybrid war continues with Japanese underground military bases hit as Khazarian mafia under attack around the planet April 18, 2016: Red and Green Asian secret societies under new leadership promise to “make the earth tremble April 12, 2016: Federal Reserve Board and US dollar will be hit by financial Armageddon if Asian gold offer refused April 4, 2016: Khazarian mafia unfolding in Poland, Turkey, Washington DC, Japan and elsewhere March 28, 2016: 20160328 Khazarian Satan worshippers now exposed for all to see March 22, 2016: Something strange happening around Antarctica as negotiations for new financial system March 15, 2016: Indonesian president to visit Holland to talk gold with P2 Freemasons March 8, 2016: Evidence trail leads to Turkey as Khazarian mafia world network continues to fall apart March 1, 2016: Western implosion to continue as G20 ends in stalemate February 22, 2016: Did a Chinese banker just announce the biggest event in human history February 15, 2016: Crunch time is coming to choose either collapse, chaos and bloodshed or reboot and renaissance February 8, 2016: First meeting between Pope and Russian Patriarch in 1000 years aimed at Khazarian Satanists February 1, 2016: The Empire Strikes Out as Khazarian mafia fake Zika virus, negative interest rate offensives fail January 26, 2016: Beijing envoy says all US dollars will have a Chinese signature on them by 2018 January 19, 2016: The revolution continues with shipping freeze, stock plunge, US dollar dumping, $20 oil, attacks on gold mines and more Critical Digest: January 19, 2016 January 12, 2016: Khazarian financial system and Mafiosi under systematic attack as world revolution unfolds Critical Digest: January 12, 2016 January 5, 2016: A concerted push is under way to end Khazarian mafia rule this year Critical Digest: January 5, 2016 December 29, 2015: The past year has seen pre-revolutionary turmoil, next may come post-revolutionary turmoil Critical Digest: December 29, 2015 Lies about oil prices hurting Saudis and mercenary armies Not a word from Benya either about Chabad or the biggest banking empire of Baruchs Who is talking? - Benya or the VOA? Benya - a shining star of all disinformation agents How was the Soviet Union destroyed?

There are two distinct governments (in Russia), one visible and the other invisible When are we going to see Benya censored and sued on defamation charges, if ever? All the attempts to destroy of block the information on the site are futile Massive, global disinformation campaign to destroy the Soviet Union Let peasants run their countries, just as the Protocols of Zion dictate Benya s myth about the evil stalinist regime Benya s myth about the fall of Eastern Union December 22, 2015: Financial power struggle intensifies as IMF head criminally charged immediately after IMF announces reforms Critical Digest: December 22, 2015 Lies about oil prices hurting Saudis and mercenary armies December 15, 2015: Canadian government contemplates sending troops to Washington DC to arrest Fed gangsters Critical Digest: December 15, 2015 Agenda 21 - the NWO in action The NWO Now! CANADA - A SECRET TESTING GROUND of coming new world order December 8, 2015: Persian, Ottoman empires collide as big Middle Eastern oil fight rages on Critical Digest: December 8, 2015 December 1, 2015: As promised, the Illuminati offer a carved up Turkey for thanksgiving while world leaders talk gas in Paris Critical Digest: December 1, 2015 November 24, 2015: Khazarian mafia takedown is accelerating, making them dangerously desperate Critical Digest: November 24, 2015 November 17, 2015: Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government Critical Digest: November 10, 2015 BUSTED: TOTALLY PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT: THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT STAGED THE ATTACKS, ROUNDED UP THE FUTURE VICTIMS AFTER THEY LEFT THE BATACLAN, MURDERED THEM MICROSOFT RED ALERT!

November 10, 2015: Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender Critical Digest: November 10, 2015 Is Israel is under a full military blockade? The one-two punch scheme of creating global horror Time for an all-out attack on all cabal agents and families yet? November 2, 2015: High level secret negotiations continue as rogue state Israel’s military put under air and sea blockade Critical Digest: November 2, 2015 And Benya keeps singing about cooperation or even a coalition of the Pentagon with Russia? October 27, 2015: Arresting Richard Armitage and forcing him to talk may be final straw to break back of Khazarian gangster rule Critical Digest: October 27, 2015 What will happen if you take out some puppets? The New Tzitz: The Golden Crown of the High Priest, has been created, all set for the NWO to be announced Is prince William the future King of the world ?

Protocol 2.2: Puppet government - pawns in our game if journalists get the right to scribble any nonsense CANADA - A SECRET TESTING GROUND of coming new world order October 20, 2015: World government is inevitable but it must never be fascist Why Benya keeps promoting the satanist Pope Francis? Critical Digest: October 20, 2015 No need to get identified with negativity The roots of the NWO Village elders as a form of world government Who and how is going to select the global village elders ? What does it mean world government and what are its side effects? Diversity and standardization of Intelligence. Osho and his experiment with a commune in Oregon Some issues with the Osho s commune in Oregon A single world government and single world empire vs distributed communes October 13, 2015: The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal Reserve Board Critical Digest: October 13, 2015 Russian and the Israel Air Forces will practice providing security in the skies over Syria Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose Their Satanic Rituals October 5, 2015: Cabal resorting to extreme threats as their power structure crumbles Comment: But what about us? - TPP agreement Corporatocracy rules!

Leaked TPP investment chapter: Corporations can sue states in private courts Groups Issue Warning: Pro-Corporate TPP Could Kill the Internet September 29, 2015: Blood Moon events turn out to be Vatican and Rothschild theatrics Comment: Putin Activates Shocking “Defend Israel” Atomic War Plan September 22, 2015: Will big UN love-fest just turn into attempt by cabal to look nice and keep in power September 15, 2015: Acts of God, mutual accusations, fear and hope as Zionist nightmare collapses Comment: Russian troops are on Israel’s doorstep? September 7, 2015: Chaos in cabal controlled financial system creates opportunity for revolution Comment: But who is going to do the arrests? - Pentagon?

Who do the good guys from Pentagon work for? September 1, 2015: A small scale military operation would be enough to remove the Khazarian cabal from power Comment: About meritocracy Is military coup a solution to the world s problem? August 24, 2015: A review of the current alliances of secret societies and visible power centers Comment: megalomania, narcissism and ego August 20, 2015: News update China blast linked to cyber-warfare August 18, 2015: The battle for the planet earth is entering a decisive phase this autumn Comment on the real players behind the scenes August 12, 2015: More arrests needed as Western megabanks are now stealing depositors’ money August 4, 2015: Khazarian terror plots thwarted, rumours of August 8th arrests run rampant. July 27, 2015: Russian Pentagon alliance putting final end to Khazarian Mafia rule. July 20, 2015: The cabal is being systematically dismantled so “Just watch as it unfolds,” Pentagon says. July 13, 2015: Full scale cyber war erupts in wake of Greek default, Pentagon takes on Khazarian mafia July 6, 2015: Top secret negotiations continue as Greek “No” vote pressures Western oligarchy to surrender June 29, 2015: Greek Domino falls, China moves in to pick up the pieces June 22, 2015: Bush, Rothschild prosecutions, new disclosures, Greece, all signs of accelerating cabal take down June 15, 2015: Will it be chaos or controlled implosion as the Western bubble.

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More An Orleans Parish jury found Cardell Hayes guilty of manslaughter on Sunday for pumping eight bullets into former New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Will Smith on a. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Sibanye forks out for choicest scoop of platinum metals Bloomberg Sibanye Gold agreed to pay more than its market. | The Advocate | Baton Rouge News, Sports ...

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